Day to night make up

So i know it's a bit late , just found out that sasyachi (hot mama) is having her birthday giveaway!! Happy birthday Sasyachi ( check her instagram @sasyachi and her blog hellosasyachi.com ) and what she give to us if we win her giveaway? 

One set MISSHA Line Friend & 1 Pony Makeup Book! Who is exciting like me ?  

I really love Pony and find myself watching her youtube for hours *lol /slap And i found it fascinating 😳😳😳 and one set MISSHA brown 😱😱😱 *me wanttt!!!! What we have to do to win the giveaway ? 

1. First you have to be Indonesian to join this giveaway and have instagram account and blog
2. Then follow HELLOSASYACHI.com (via google friend connect) 
3. Third step you have to make *Day and Night* makeup look and posting it with keywors hellosasyachi.com and Sasyachi's birthday giveaway.
4. Follow her instagram @sasyachi
6. And don't forget to upload your looks on instagram with caption: This is my day and night makeup look! Don't forget to write your blog link on caption and hashtag #sasyachibirthdaygiveaway !

So here is my entry , even tho I am not really good at makeup, but i tried my best πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

So here what i use for my makeup looks. 

1. Day makeup look

So i decide to do simple looks for my day makeup. I am using Luxe grey softlens , why I using grey softlens? Because it's the only color that suit my face , since i colored my hair grey πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . First I am using Lunasol bb cream , then Anastashia beverly hills the perfect brow. Trying to make korean eyebrow but epic failed (since i have thick eyebrow , and shaped like nike logo *lol) and using naked 2 light brow color, copper for eyeshadow, and natural fake eye lashes . Also Using 3CE magic touch for countour. Let not forget blush on. So for blush on i am using "I will always love you" from too faced. For lips I am using Lunasol liquid lips. If you want to see the process, you can see on my youtube channel https://youtu.be/odsFt9_eN8A *teehee Don't forget to subscribe guys lol  /slap

Product List
〰Lunasol - Smoothing Makeup Base
〰Anastasia Beverly Hills - Perfect Brow
〰Too Faced - Chocolate Bar
〰Sailormoon Makeup - Eyeliner and Pencil Liner
〰Chanel - Correcteur Perfection
〰3CE - Magic Touch Face Maker
〰Too Faced - I Will Always Love You blush on
〰Marie Beauty eye cream - lashies glue
〰Maybelline - Magnum mascara

2. For my night makeup looks

Still using the same makeup as my day looks but the difference are adding more black eyeshadow and I am using double fake eyelashes , change to Luxe black softlens, and adding highlight to my cheeckbone and nose. Adding more blush on since it's night makeup *lol well yeah if you notice I am using wig hereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Since i get bored with my current hair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ , still using the same liquid lips since I am just no good in red lipstict 😒😒 *sob sob sob. Tutorial for this looks coming really soon on my youtube channel!!! Update here's the link for smokey eye tutorial : https://youtu.be/FsCkBEt4bbs

I hope you guys enjoy this post , and i will see you on my next post or youtube channel https://youtu.be/odsFt9_eN8A   I am looking forward to see some feedback from you guys ,please leave some comment <3 and last but not least don't forget to join #sasyachibirthdaygiveaway <3 see yaaaaa!!!!!


Unicorn Cafe

So I went Bangkok a couple days ago with my friend. Since I was busy recording < for my youtube channel>, I forgot to take some photos of the cafe, and end up with these photos. The cafe we were going was so awesome, I was amaze with the decoration and the food :p, not only looks good but the taste was really delicious.

Rainbow Cheese Cake 

Rainbow Pasta
At first I thought it was just the cafe decoration that attract people to come. Since they do have a lot Unicorn stuff from doll to unicorn costume.< FYI : They also let us to try the costume and take some photos> But then I was wrong, you should try their menu, even tho I was already full because I had breakfast before we were trying Unicorn Cafe, I end up finished  this rainbow  pasta, not to forget the rainbow cheese cake.
Galaxi Frappe
For you who doesn't know where it is, you can visit them at Sathrorn 8 BTS Chongnonsi, Bangkok, Thailand. Their line: unicorncafe , you can reach their place via tuk tuk or taxi. Since it was my first time came to bangkok, I recommend you guys to buy sim card and download waze. Since it easier to reach the place you are going with waze, and you should double check the place with google or else you will get lost or get gullible by the taxi or tuk tuk, and don't forget to use the meters on taxi. I guess we should stop talking rainbow food, lets moving on to the outfit.
Dress - Zara// Hat -  Shanghai // Shoes- DYI Converse
What I wore to unicorn cafe , the weather was really hot in Bangkok more that I expect , so I was wearing this white dress and hat, Even tho I use sunblock everyday still I got sun burn here and there, the reason why I was wearing shoes is because I think It's easier to wear shoes there then wearing sandals, since i can wear it with any clothes that I brought. Well see you on next post!!!


Red's The New Black

L.I.N.F top // Zara necklace // Zara short

There's nothing I can do when flood hit Jakarta a few days ago. All access had been blocked because the flood. Since I was stuck at home for 3-4 days , I end up with an idea why don't I doing something like trying to shoot some photo for Lunar New Year post? oh yeah Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Because I am pretty sure that today (this is a schedule post) no one will help me to take some photo for this blog,since everyone is to busy talking to each other. So I decide to asked my friend a week before Lunar New Year to came to my house and take some photos. Due the flood all my plan have been messed up, no photo-shoot for egency, no meet up with my friend, and what's worst cannot coming to my workplace. But let's be happy since there's no flood from now on, thought it's still raining here.

Since we can't wear black or white on Lunar New Year (even tho I already bought 1-3 pairs for Lunar New Year but i can't using it during no black and white color policy *sobsob) , I have no choice but to choose other color, and what i have found here, a beautiful red spaghetti top , it was love at the first sight. *lol For you who living in Jakarta must be known that there's Metropolis Market that happen on February, 5th - 8th. So I found this top at the event at L.I.N.F 's booth, well, not exactly found it to be exact, my friend Lizelisabeth from voguishdoodles is the owner of L.I.N.F and I already saw the preview of her collection before she launch it, so yeah ;p who wouldn't want such a pretty top! She using a very good fabric and I really love how it fit me perfectly. It has such a good texture and print and I love how she mix the little pom pom into the design. <3 Ps: bonus photo my silly and awkward pose lol, Until next post guys!