Red's The New Black

L.I.N.F top // Zara necklace // Zara short

There's nothing I can do when flood hit Jakarta a few days ago. All access had been blocked because the flood. Since I was stuck at home for 3-4 days , I end up with an idea why don't I doing something like trying to shoot some photo for Lunar New Year post? oh yeah Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Because I am pretty sure that today (this is a schedule post) no one will help me to take some photo for this blog,since everyone is to busy talking to each other. So I decide to asked my friend a week before Lunar New Year to came to my house and take some photos. Due the flood all my plan have been messed up, no photo-shoot for egency, no meet up with my friend, and what's worst cannot coming to my workplace. But let's be happy since there's no flood from now on, thought it's still raining here.

Since we can't wear black or white on Lunar New Year (even tho I already bought 1-3 pairs for Lunar New Year but i can't using it during no black and white color policy *sobsob) , I have no choice but to choose other color, and what i have found here, a beautiful red spaghetti top , it was love at the first sight. *lol For you who living in Jakarta must be known that there's Metropolis Market that happen on February, 5th - 8th. So I found this top at the event at L.I.N.F 's booth, well, not exactly found it to be exact, my friend Lizelisabeth from voguishdoodles is the owner of L.I.N.F and I already saw the preview of her collection before she launch it, so yeah ;p who wouldn't want such a pretty top! She using a very good fabric and I really love how it fit me perfectly. It has such a good texture and print and I love how she mix the little pom pom into the design. <3 Ps: bonus photo my silly and awkward pose lol, Until next post guys!