Good Bye and Hello

I don't know what should I write right now, just sitting in front of my computer for 2 hour and write nothing. Since my friend who used to be my personal photographer on her holiday so it's really hard for me to update my blog. Anyway i know it's so late but better late than never say it right? So Merry Berry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013 everyone ‹ะท. 2012 have gave us much lesson, blessing and good memories, good start and unforgettable ending. Hope 2013 bring you happiness as well.

By the way how's your holiday ? I'm spent my holiday at home with my family. If you read this post, I'm probably  on the way to my grandparents house. Gonna spending my new year eve at my grandparents house. Once again happy new year everyoneee :))



Another quick post, meet JAGGER last Saturday for the first time. Actually Fahmy My Whispering Style and Vania from Pudding Monster, the one who arrange everything  for this meeting. I never meet them in person before ,but i could tell they are awesome. I also met Tamara from Vanilla Sky , Cathy from Petiteness and Alita from The Fierce Berry at Carlo De Huts ,Senayan City. I thought it will turns so awkward, but who know that we instantly get close as soon as we met. I love them <3 Ps: Don't forget to visit their blog :))

All photos taken from Pudding Monster



bag- bonia , skirt - sweet escape , bustier , jackes - H&M,  heels - charlesandkeith  , hat - royal toxic

Just wanna post some quick post today. This what i wore today,i wore this songket skirt a few times but i never had a chance to take a photo. This songket skirt is some part of my assignment. I really love the fabric since it's really comfortable. You can get this songket skirt on January, since i'll open my first online store {sweet escape} soon. I have been working on it now. I'll be the designer also the one who choose the fabric, and All clothes is hand made product *yeay*, and it will available in S,M,L. I hope everything goes as it's planned *wish me luck*. For now, you can like and follow my online shop facebook *here* and twitter *here*.I also wore my  beanie cat from royal toxic , i really love this beanie cat ,you can get them *here*

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