Let's change

So have you watch amazing spider-man 2? Me ? Yes, i have. it's an amazing movie. By watching it, I realize.... What happen with electro, happen to (some of) us too. I mean, he doesn't have friend , people don't appreciate him, people mock him even tho he doesn't make any fault, people ignore him as if he wasn't exit. That's what make him angry, mad, and make him trying to destroy the city (when the only thing he wants is to let people to know him) , and make other don't like him more.  

It might be a little different with our story, maybe someone out there, being invisible, ignore, mock , etc because they are different (ether they are fat or just different. I'm not saying ugly, because there is no such thing as ugly, everyone born with their uniq side) and what's more funny when they are suicide, people will said they are stupid. So who's the one who stupid? The one who suicide? Or the one who ignore, mock , etc? Yup, the one who bully is the one who wrong. For those who love bullying other, Do you think saying other stupid, will make you smarter? Saying those who wear make up fake will make you real ? Or saying other ugly will make you pretty or handsome? Wrong! Stop hurting other. For both parties, you can be smarter by studying , there is no other way to make you smart. Do you want to become pretty? Yes, yes, you can! You can dress up, using your make up and start to appreciate yourself. Let's stop bullying and make your self worth by improving yourself :) 


I used to be ugly ( not fashionable, not attractive, and other don't even think to start conversation with me, I was invisible at that time. I do have close friends who used to sit next to me, and awesome people with awesome talent even they are not really good with school's subject but they are good at drawing and i'm amazed with their talent, and talent has nothing to do with school's subject right? ), and not even smart ( well, no one born smart , you have to study , go to school, go to collage , etc in order to become smart ) but I tried a least.

When I was in middle school until high school, I remembered that there is no time for me to rest, even tho i want to rest. I have to work really hard in order to get good marks, like going to school from 6.30 a.m to 4 p.m  and going  course until 9 p.m or 10 p.m non-stop everyday *exclude Saturday and Sunday. I was really bad at math , English , PE. I don't even understand how to read , write make statement in English *sigh. Yeah, I was really stupid, but I pretty good with sociology, geography , history , Bahasa , civics which have nothing to do with my current profession. But whatever, because I'm happy right now. All my hard work worth in the end, and that's what matter. But I do miss those time. For me in the past good luck and keep fighting , for me in the future keep working hard and make your dream come true. That's all from me for now.

For those who read this post, you are not the only one friend :),  So don't let one or two people ruin your day or your whole life, I know the word "change" is scary and not easy, It might be not easy , but don't lose your hope, keep fighting! You don't have to live for other, you have to live for yourself, be happy, be you, keep smiling and do your best, even when people around you don't love you, love yourself , because you never know there is someone out there who will love you with their whole heart. Keep inspiring , and don't forget to tell me your story by comment bellow. See you at next post <3


Let's Play

I'm taking a break from making my sister's pre-wedding gown. It has been a while since the last time have quality time with my self and my friend. So, this photos was taken while I visited my friend Cathy Sie  , I supposed to have brand meeting with her, but took some photos won't be a sin right? Work hard, Play hard *teehee 

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Be Free

Top and Shoes - Zara // Clutch - MNO,logie // Skirt - Sweet Escape

It has been really hot lately in Jakarta. I knew wearing dark color wouldn't be a good choice at first place, but who cares? As long as it's makes you happy, just wear it. I remember when I was featured by some Instagram account few weeks ago , I was really happy. But then I saw some comment that make me sad. I was sad not because some hateful comment like "nay ,etc". I'm sad because people these day has become ignorant with their comment, you do have freedom to let out your speech, but in other side, you have to think about other people feeling. It's not like everyone can accept your comment, it might makes some people sad. So, whenever you get those hateful and ignorant comment just ignore them and be yourself, because they aren't worth your time. Just be yourself and be happy, don't let one or two people ruin your day. Have a nice day :D and don't forget to join my give away *HERE and win 1 LINF choker and 1 yellow dress from Sweet Escape!  Btw I just open my shop (sweet escape), you can check it *HERE , don't forget to follow and shop <3