Happy like a kid

Just got home from Singapore on Wednesday, got some beauty there. At first I don't want to spent a single buck from my pocket but end up went thrift hunting with Bella from bella - moreway, you can check her blog *here and it's so fun! Who knows that thrift hunting can be a fun activity. Got 10 piece for 50 SGD and it's new! So i don't have any complain while I stayed in Singapore ,except the weather was freaking hot. No kidding. I kept sweating there. *sob sob* I also got super awesome ankle boots from my mom, and I was so surprised at the moment. hehe.

Anyway, yesterday I wake up at 11 o'clock (ya, I know it sound that I'm so lazy, no?) and got phone call from my friend, and they told me that we got Albert Yanuar and Tex Saverio Spring - Summer 2014 Fashion Show ticket from Jakarta Fashion Week! , and it's freaking awesome. I was so happy! but too bad that we can't use our dslr camera so... FOLLOW my Instagram to know more about the show @elen_ang. This is what I wear to the show, wearing thrift dress and ankle boots from Charles and Keith. Well, black and white never goes wrong right ? haha
Dress- thrift shop // Boots - Charles and Keith



This is what i wore last Sunday to Stella Lee make up class. Since I don't know what I should wear to make up class, I simply grab my Guess jeans and Topshop jacket. I'm not the type of person who love wearing jeans, coz it's really annoying and not really comfortable for me, but this jeans really cozy so i don't really mind. Anyway, I'm finally done with my exam! and now I'm packing my things because I'm going to Singapore tomorrow for 5 days. So see you all soon and remember to say hi if we ever cross paths!