Gift wrapping Idea with Kidecals

2 days till Christmas everyoneeee! So who is excited? Me? Of course I'm excited, who doesn't excited on Christmas ? Exchange present with friends and you beloved one, have a Christmas party, meet your relative, etc. Here I am sharing with you some gift or present wrapping idea, since Kidecals sent me some lovely personalized label. What is Kidecals?

Kidecals is  a company that specializes in labels.(you can check their website*hereThey offers personalized , waterproof name labels and decals. Yes, everybody it's waterproof, That’s a huge bonus right there! I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve ended up washing labels and stickers on my bottles or candy jar because I'm too lazy to remove the sticker before I wash them. Have anybody have the same experience?

Anyway I just finished wrapping some present for my beloved one, I really love a nice or lovely packaging so I decided to make some nice packaging for my friends use kidecals personalized label. And here the product that i got .

I really love their design and quality of the product is so good <3 

and this is what I got for my friend. I made them my my self, I hope you will love it. #amen So let's get started , I am using some ribbon, scissors , kidecals label , scotch tape, and brown wrapping paper. I want to give them some vintage touch so I decide to use brown wrapping paper, because using Christmas theme wrapping paper is too mainstream, no? What you have to do is wrap those present with brown wrapping paper and use some ribbon to make it cute, don't forget to use kidecals label. Since we want to make it special, and have a nice look. And if you want to give some homemade cookies or macaron you can use kidecals label on your cookies jar to make it perfect. 

 And here some bonus picture ;p



Don't kill my vibe

So my camera memory card has been error for a week, and I don't have another memory card at home. And this give me headache because I couldn't take any photo for this couple of day. I'm sorry to my sponsor I can't make any post until next week, but I'll make another post soon.

Anyway, I received this photos from my e-mail 2 days ago, and i decided to share it to you. This photos was taken last week, or I should say a day after my camera memory card error. I helped my friend's sister as a model for her photoshot project. To be honest, I don't want to be her photoshot model, since I don't have model's figure and I'm petite. But who knows that It was end up became a pretty awesome photoshot, love the outfit, setting , everything . So here is it, enjoy! Until next post guys!


Hello December

December always be my favorite month of the year, it's simply give me a happy atmosphere. But too bad there isn't snow in Indonesia, since we aren't a four season country so well......... (I'm quite sad *sobsob) . But it's okay because Christmas is coming!!! Well, It has been a while since my last outfit post, no? I have been busy with my current project and course. Since the project still in progress so i couldn't share it to you now, but I would really like to share it in the near future.  #amen I really glad because still manage to update my blog and took some photos. So this is what i wore last week when I went to my friend house.

So what I'm wearing? I'm wearing t-shirt from random online shop.The t-shirt used to be very long , and i don't like it. Since the t-shirt didn't look really good on me. So i decided to cut the hand part and make it into a crop top (well it's sometimes happen, isn't it? when stuff just don't look really good on you), and pair it with my new skirt that i got from cloth-inc. I thought it's too plain so I add some accessories that i got from from forever 21. I really like this crystal pendulum, from the first time i saw it . So tell me what are you doing on Christmas ?

Anyway,you can follow my instagram @elen_ang if you like or ask me anything on twitter @ellen_ang. So see you on my next post guys!



Escargot in cream garlic butter
Pan Roasted Chicken with Potato Lagsana
apple tart
Tribeca Park pav #01, Central Park Mall, Jl. Let. Jend S.Parman Kav 28, West Jakarta 11470

Top mark for decor, the service was good and the price was affordable. Well decorate, the place would remain you about your childhood story book. I really recommend if you want to hang out with your friend or just having lunch or dinner there. I really love their Roasted Chicken with Potato Lasagna and apple tart <3 So tell me what's your favourite ? 


Happy like a kid

Just got home from Singapore on Wednesday, got some beauty there. At first I don't want to spent a single buck from my pocket but end up went thrift hunting with Bella from bella - moreway, you can check her blog *here and it's so fun! Who knows that thrift hunting can be a fun activity. Got 10 piece for 50 SGD and it's new! So i don't have any complain while I stayed in Singapore ,except the weather was freaking hot. No kidding. I kept sweating there. *sob sob* I also got super awesome ankle boots from my mom, and I was so surprised at the moment. hehe.

Anyway, yesterday I wake up at 11 o'clock (ya, I know it sound that I'm so lazy, no?) and got phone call from my friend, and they told me that we got Albert Yanuar and Tex Saverio Spring - Summer 2014 Fashion Show ticket from Jakarta Fashion Week! , and it's freaking awesome. I was so happy! but too bad that we can't use our dslr camera so... FOLLOW my Instagram to know more about the show @elen_ang. This is what I wear to the show, wearing thrift dress and ankle boots from Charles and Keith. Well, black and white never goes wrong right ? haha
Dress- thrift shop // Boots - Charles and Keith



This is what i wore last Sunday to Stella Lee make up class. Since I don't know what I should wear to make up class, I simply grab my Guess jeans and Topshop jacket. I'm not the type of person who love wearing jeans, coz it's really annoying and not really comfortable for me, but this jeans really cozy so i don't really mind. Anyway, I'm finally done with my exam! and now I'm packing my things because I'm going to Singapore tomorrow for 5 days. So see you all soon and remember to say hi if we ever cross paths!


A Beautiful Mess

So here I'm again enjoying my night with a good music , internet connection and editing my photos for my blog. Wondering what would happen after my exam. Since I'm not really sure to be able to meet my friend after graduation, because some of them might find a fine job or going to a different university and what will I do after graduation? Anyway final exam haven't finish yet, so let enjoy our day until the last day. It's sound that I'm pretty optimist with my exam, no? Well, I am . Still, I can't let my guard down. 

Lunch time with my pretty girl yesterday, We discussed about our exam, since every student got different type of dress , one piece, etc  that we should make for the next 4 day. 4 days to gooooo everyoneee!

what i wear : top // unbranded , waistcoat - H&M , skort , heels - unbranded

Thanks to Cathy and Ignatia Jessica for all the picture!

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Fimela Girl X METROdept

It has been a while since my last outfit post , right? So, yesterday I went to Infare ( if you didn't know what is infare you can check it on my post *here* I was wearing my favorite songket skirt <3  This songket skirt was part of my school task last year, but it still being my favorite skirt until now. What i love from this fabric was it's texture, and patterned. Well, who doesn't love it? Pair it with my favorite clutch from MNO.logie which is made and designed by Indonesia - based clutch designer.  

For your information for those who doesn't know songket. Songket is a fabric that belong to Indonesia culture. Back in the past Songket is associated with Sriwijaya (trading empire based on Sumatra),  due to the fact that Palembang is the famous songket producer in Indonesia. In fact back then songket is a luxurious textile that required some amount of real gold leafs to be made gold threads and hand-woven into exquisite fabrics, hictorically the gold mines are located in Sumatra hinterland; Jambi and Minangkabau highlands. So who doesn't proud with Indonesia culture? I do love Indonesia fabric <3

Oh ya, I forgot to tell ya I'm participate in FIMELAgirl x METROdept 's Jakarta StreetStyle Competition so please vote for me guys! just click *here*, and click-ing the love button. Your vote really mean a lot for me :)) Thank youu!!! ;;)


INFARE : Shop for a good cause

Today I had so much fun with my fellow blogger Vania , you can check her blog *here* This is my first time I'm coming to garage sale and it's far from what I'm imagine, since the people was nice and there were a lot of good stuff with a cheap price * woohoo*. Other than that by shopping at Infare , we can donates money to an orphanage, since 40% of the sales will be given to orphanage for charity. So what are you waiting for? shop shop shop shop shop!!!

meet my fellow blogger (from left) vania , sanny , cathy 
another pretty people ! Miss A