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5 days has been passed since the last holiday. it's time to go to school. i must say i am not ready to go to school. a bunch of project , homework, test, anything. but as a grade 12 , i'm also have to prepare my self fot the final exam. now it's looks like my school have become my second house. yeah, even though it's saturday i have to go to school! going home late from monday to friday. but i'm sure all of this is worth it at the end. well, i should doing my best from now on. * you can do it elena*

this photos i took after school. thank's to my brother who gave me some slr camera on my birthday. now, i'm able to take some photos with a good quality! *yeaaay*

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skirt gifted     
pump heels gifted
 oh yeah, thank to nathania calista for the cute chick! i really love it <3!