A Beautiful Mess

So here I'm again enjoying my night with a good music , internet connection and editing my photos for my blog. Wondering what would happen after my exam. Since I'm not really sure to be able to meet my friend after graduation, because some of them might find a fine job or going to a different university and what will I do after graduation? Anyway final exam haven't finish yet, so let enjoy our day until the last day. It's sound that I'm pretty optimist with my exam, no? Well, I am . Still, I can't let my guard down. 

Lunch time with my pretty girl yesterday, We discussed about our exam, since every student got different type of dress , one piece, etc  that we should make for the next 4 day. 4 days to gooooo everyoneee!

what i wear : top // unbranded , waistcoat - H&M , skort , heels - unbranded

Thanks to Cathy and Ignatia Jessica for all the picture!

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Fimela Girl X METROdept

It has been a while since my last outfit post , right? So, yesterday I went to Infare ( if you didn't know what is infare you can check it on my post *here* I was wearing my favorite songket skirt <3  This songket skirt was part of my school task last year, but it still being my favorite skirt until now. What i love from this fabric was it's texture, and patterned. Well, who doesn't love it? Pair it with my favorite clutch from MNO.logie which is made and designed by Indonesia - based clutch designer.  

For your information for those who doesn't know songket. Songket is a fabric that belong to Indonesia culture. Back in the past Songket is associated with Sriwijaya (trading empire based on Sumatra),  due to the fact that Palembang is the famous songket producer in Indonesia. In fact back then songket is a luxurious textile that required some amount of real gold leafs to be made gold threads and hand-woven into exquisite fabrics, hictorically the gold mines are located in Sumatra hinterland; Jambi and Minangkabau highlands. So who doesn't proud with Indonesia culture? I do love Indonesia fabric <3

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INFARE : Shop for a good cause

Today I had so much fun with my fellow blogger Vania , you can check her blog *here* This is my first time I'm coming to garage sale and it's far from what I'm imagine, since the people was nice and there were a lot of good stuff with a cheap price * woohoo*. Other than that by shopping at Infare , we can donates money to an orphanage, since 40% of the sales will be given to orphanage for charity. So what are you waiting for? shop shop shop shop shop!!!

meet my fellow blogger (from left) vania , sanny , cathy 
another pretty people ! Miss A


Happy Go Lucky

Have been missing from blog world for a months, since i got troubled with my camera and i couldn't use my camera for a while *sob sob* and i know my parents won't let me buy a new camera since they think i don't really need it, but  guess whatttttttttttt! They actually bought a new dslr for me! *yeayyyyyy* i really felt like Santa coming earlier than i expected this year, really thanks God.  *over joy* Anyway, I will graduate from my school within this month *woohoo* So i have been focused with my lesson! Hope the test would be easy this time *amen* even thou i don't really worry, since i have prepared everything. So till next post guys ;;)