Hi everyone, how's life?  Currently I'm super busy with my school stuff *bad luck ellen*, and i just cut my bang. Do you like it? Anyway Gina from WhiteD sent me such a beautiful gift for my birthday, and it's a real snake skinnn! *woohoo* super love <3 well if you love this you can purchase this snake skin clutch in very affordable price *here* or can text her to order at +62-21-92008191. Unfortunately it's only available in Indonesia. 



So today was my birthday and my first post in 2013! You right I'm no longer seventeen or eighteen but Nineteen! Spent my born day with my girls and my family. Having lunch with my girls, talking about random thing,etc. Wearing my favorite red dress, that my mom just gave me as my birthday present. I couldn't be more happier for receive such ɑ lovely red dress from my mom *thanks mom*. Well red have been my favorite color, more over the fabric really nice, and elastic. BTW thanks to those who sent me birthday wishes trough twitter , Facebook , and sms. <3 it's mean a lot for me :)