Stressed Depressed

Have been so random lately, and I don't know what's to do. Basically I lost all my trust to a person that i thought that she is kind. But who knows that someone that you have been trust for a long time, can be a bast*rd in seconds. well, enough with my random thing.

This is what I wear to school yesterday. Well some of you might have seen it if you follow my Instagram. Wearing my new Stressed Depressed but Well Dressed  tee * I DIY it into tank top* that I got from paper flavor, matching it with my jacket that i bought from Topshop 2 month ago in Singapore, jeans and my leopard shoes from Hongkong. I know it's so emo right? haha. So tell me how's your day ? :))

Bennie - Royaltoxic // Army Jacket - Topshop // Well Dress Tee - Paper flavor // Spike Shoes - Hongkong 
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So this is some love from my talented friend Cathy Sie from Petiteness <3 Visit her blog here  


Bunny Boo

roll collar top - sweet escape // short - kitterkick hongkong // socks - socks gallery // shoes - brightspot market (happy go lucky) 

I wore this outfit few times before but I never had chance to take a photo, and look what I have here. I got my super cute bunny hairband from my pretty friend Merlyn. and what makes this hairband special is it's part of Merlyn mini collection! I love it so muchhhh! Thanks Merlyn <3. You can visit her blog here.


Back to the 60's

Well, it's just me with my random mood on Sunday, so this was what i wear on my blue Sunday. It's actually one of sweet escape's collection, and hopefully I can launch the store once I finish all my school stuff. Don't u like it?