Officially 20

First post on 2014 (Happy New Year guysssss ) and 5 days has passed since my birthday! just get home from my super late dinner party <3  Yup, that's right I'm no longer seventeen , eighteen, or nineteen ( i couldn't believe my self) but twenty y.o ! Well, still couldn't believe it has been 3 years since my seventeen, time goes by really fast! A lot of thing has change this past year. I used to not  care with what i wear or used to bring my pocket money and my phone only when i go to somewhere or don't  care what people thought about me, but now it's all matters. I guess fashion and stuff change me into a better person. 

In the past I don't really love my self, why? because i always thought i was ugly, you might be don't know that i have a birthmark on my leg (because i always edit that part before I upload it on my blog) and when i was a kid, kids (especially boys) around me always mock or make fun of me because my birthmark, and it just hurt my esteem so much that i cry about it. (you know kid always have a sensitive heart, no?) You never know how it feel since you never have it. I always wearing jeans back then because if you wore shorts or skirt the whole world gonna see and stare at your huge birthmark,(and i have to endure all of that because it's not anyone fault that i had birthmark, no?) and I always thought that no one ever love me ( exclude my family). I can't blame my parents because they are not the one who make me this way, but thanks to them. I try to love my self. I can't blame God too, since He the one who let me born into this world and meet my parents.  I always said to my mom that i want to have operation to remove my birthmark, but she always say to not give a damn to what people say about my birthmark, and she was right. Those who make fun of me because my birthmark isn't worth my time. Since i decide that i won't give a damn about what people think about my birthmark, i started to own a blog and try to wear anything that i never wear before, like short, skirt, dress , etc. Once again, Thanks to my parents, and God I am here right now. and my friend who don't mind about my birthmark, personality, etc and still with me even thou I have a birthmark, and not to forget fashion!

I might not really pretty like those model or rich. But I know God made me because some reason. I'm grateful with what I have right now. I still have my parents, grandma , grandpa ,bro , sis, knowledge ( not everyone can sew and make a ball gown right ? :p) , friends and you guy who read shit on my blog. Thanks to you, I am who I am right now. I'm enjoying my life right now, how about you? Anyway more photos on next post! So don't miss it :D