bag- bonia , skirt - sweet escape , bustier , jackes - H&M,  heels - charlesandkeith  , hat - royal toxic

Just wanna post some quick post today. This what i wore today,i wore this songket skirt a few times but i never had a chance to take a photo. This songket skirt is some part of my assignment. I really love the fabric since it's really comfortable. You can get this songket skirt on January, since i'll open my first online store {sweet escape} soon. I have been working on it now. I'll be the designer also the one who choose the fabric, and All clothes is hand made product *yeay*, and it will available in S,M,L. I hope everything goes as it's planned *wish me luck*. For now, you can like and follow my online shop facebook *here* and twitter *here*.I also wore my  beanie cat from royal toxic , i really love this beanie cat ,you can get them *here*

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The Daydreamer said...

You're such a alovely girl. Love that songket skirt <3

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So cute! Loving the songket skirt x


Alita Claudia said...

lovely songket skirt, cantikk! Jadi itu kmrn roknya bikin sendiri? sukaaa :DD

Delia. said...

lovely skirt :X
congrats for your blog :*

Donna Iveh said...

like this cute soft look!

my blog is

if you like it lets follow each other!

kisses :-)

Catriona MacLeod said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog =) sure I'd love to follow each other! I'm following you now lovely, look forward to seeing you over on mine!

Wow that's so cool that you designed the skirt! I'll definitely keep my eyes open for it, it looks great =)


Fahmy Haryandi said...

ellena, i followed your blog nih. blog roll menyusul yaa :)

Vania Aprilia said...

you made the skirt yourself? :O omg! you look really really cute here Ellen

Pudding Monster

J u l i a said...

Lovely skirt!♥ i'm following you! xxx


Izabela Majkut said...

ohh you look so lovely !


Patricia Ayuso said...

amazing outfit!!! i follow you now ;)
i would love to follow me back because I really love your blog!!

febrina utami putri said...

what a cute outfit! i adore your style and your loveliness. wish you luck on the shop :)

Novarinna Tan said...

Love your fabulous skirt <3

Tamara Emilia said...

Demi apa len itu rok kemaren bikin sendiri?? BADAI lah !!
mau dong di bikinin juga :P
cantik bener sih elen.. cintaku padamu :*


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

Gorgeous skirt!

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Celia Indriana said...

Your skirt is really cute:) I like it!
By the way follow you, mind to follow back?

life is style said...

so great :)
love your blog ;)
following now :)

sara josephine - sartob said...

cool skirt you've got there! n awesome job by combining traditional garment with trendy ones :D you look def ugh-ma-zing :D


Allie Emme said...

Really love this outfit especially the skirt! It's so pretty. Thanks for checking out my blog, btw :)
xx Allie

Dyah Paramita Saraswati said...

cute :3 :3 :3

Claudia Phankova said...

the beanie hat is so cute! you look effortlessly chic <3

Caroline Susanto said...

congratz on the opening of your online shop! :D love the skirt ohh and you look so cute in that beanie cat :D


Bella Francisca said...

cute cat-beanie hat! >.< also love your skirt, nice outfit! :)

Missing Bee

The Scent of Glamour said...

Your outfit is gorgeous!
Lovely pics too!
How about following each other?
If so, follow me and I will follow you back for sure!


Megha Varshini said...

love the skirt..


juventine wu said...

you look so chic! loveee that skirt! looking forward for your online shop xx


stin said...

aih you look pretty <3
that bunny hat is adorableee ><
love your skirt as well!
good luck on your ol shop and merrry too early christmas! :)

Livia said...

the skirt looks so gorgeous! lovely look <33 nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


♥ Sana Yasmin said...

In loooove with your skirt! ♥
Sana Yasmin xx

Helena Natanael said...

wah! such an amazing songket skirt! I like the way you combine Indonesian fabric with denim and beanie, so cool!