Happy like a kid

Just got home from Singapore on Wednesday, got some beauty there. At first I don't want to spent a single buck from my pocket but end up went thrift hunting with Bella from bella - moreway, you can check her blog *here and it's so fun! Who knows that thrift hunting can be a fun activity. Got 10 piece for 50 SGD and it's new! So i don't have any complain while I stayed in Singapore ,except the weather was freaking hot. No kidding. I kept sweating there. *sob sob* I also got super awesome ankle boots from my mom, and I was so surprised at the moment. hehe.

Anyway, yesterday I wake up at 11 o'clock (ya, I know it sound that I'm so lazy, no?) and got phone call from my friend, and they told me that we got Albert Yanuar and Tex Saverio Spring - Summer 2014 Fashion Show ticket from Jakarta Fashion Week! , and it's freaking awesome. I was so happy! but too bad that we can't use our dslr camera so... FOLLOW my Instagram to know more about the show @elen_ang. This is what I wear to the show, wearing thrift dress and ankle boots from Charles and Keith. Well, black and white never goes wrong right ? haha
Dress- thrift shop // Boots - Charles and Keith


Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

love your bootss len! you look so pretty!

MichelleSanjaya said...

so pretty elen! x3
I love the dress so much, btw di SG thrift stores ada di mana?? ;;)

cheer, michelle

Agnes Koriston said...

wwoo you guys must been so happy to get those tickets! <3

a very lovely dress you got there elen!<3
love the look!<3 you're so pretty too!<3


Anonymous said...

pretty! <3
hey, wanna follow each other? let me know

sweet and sugars,

Danny Suyandi said...

dress-nya kece abis!
wah di SG ada thrift store? dimana? maaau!


Visa said...

beautiful outfit, love the boots.


Putri Valentina said...

Love the top and your shoes :D