Officially 20

First post on 2014 (Happy New Year guysssss ) and 5 days has passed since my birthday! just get home from my super late dinner party <3  Yup, that's right I'm no longer seventeen , eighteen, or nineteen ( i couldn't believe my self) but twenty y.o ! Well, still couldn't believe it has been 3 years since my seventeen, time goes by really fast! A lot of thing has change this past year. I used to not  care with what i wear or used to bring my pocket money and my phone only when i go to somewhere or don't  care what people thought about me, but now it's all matters. I guess fashion and stuff change me into a better person. 

In the past I don't really love my self, why? because i always thought i was ugly, you might be don't know that i have a birthmark on my leg (because i always edit that part before I upload it on my blog) and when i was a kid, kids (especially boys) around me always mock or make fun of me because my birthmark, and it just hurt my esteem so much that i cry about it. (you know kid always have a sensitive heart, no?) You never know how it feel since you never have it. I always wearing jeans back then because if you wore shorts or skirt the whole world gonna see and stare at your huge birthmark,(and i have to endure all of that because it's not anyone fault that i had birthmark, no?) and I always thought that no one ever love me ( exclude my family). I can't blame my parents because they are not the one who make me this way, but thanks to them. I try to love my self. I can't blame God too, since He the one who let me born into this world and meet my parents.  I always said to my mom that i want to have operation to remove my birthmark, but she always say to not give a damn to what people say about my birthmark, and she was right. Those who make fun of me because my birthmark isn't worth my time. Since i decide that i won't give a damn about what people think about my birthmark, i started to own a blog and try to wear anything that i never wear before, like short, skirt, dress , etc. Once again, Thanks to my parents, and God I am here right now. and my friend who don't mind about my birthmark, personality, etc and still with me even thou I have a birthmark, and not to forget fashion!

I might not really pretty like those model or rich. But I know God made me because some reason. I'm grateful with what I have right now. I still have my parents, grandma , grandpa ,bro , sis, knowledge ( not everyone can sew and make a ball gown right ? :p) , friends and you guy who read shit on my blog. Thanks to you, I am who I am right now. I'm enjoying my life right now, how about you? Anyway more photos on next post! So don't miss it :D 


Verna Abril said...

belated happy birthday :)

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

happy belated birthday.... cute outfit!

Irene Angelina said...

Hi, this is very inspiing for me :) People'll rude to you most likely the whole time, since we're humans have the highest ego of all the living things.
Thankyou for sharing. And I adore your courage, girl :D

Happy birthday! :)

Anastasia Goenawan said...

Hey pretty girl. You're right to ignore those people, because you're more than worthy. :D happy birthday once again! :D keep growing, and keep strong! :)


AnnTan said...

nobody is perfect, always believe in yourself and you will start loveling yourself ( :

Karina Dinda R. said...

Happy birthday! Stay happy and healthy :) Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, mind to follow each other?

The Fierce Berry said...

happy birthday lagi ya len!!! enjoy your twenties :D

Vania Aprilia said...

Happy birthday Elen! May in this new age, you love yourself more and be more confident :D you're one of the most gorgeous girls i ever met! love youu

Pudding Monster

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Happy belated birthday! May everything you wished for comes your way! x


Claireta Teressa said...

you are so pretty hellen !
you are beautiful in your own way ♥


Helena Natanael said...

happy belated birthday! yup time flies really fast. I understand what u feel, one of my friends experience that too and sometimes the other friends make fun at her because of her birthmark. but it seems get better when we are growing up, now no one making fun at her again :)

believe it or not, Myths said that birthmark is the place where we got stabbed or get hit by something that causes our death in the past life, hehe.

you look gorgeous in this pic! waiting for the next post :)


MichelleSanjaya said...

so pretty elenn~ x3
don't listen to them who mock you, they're just jealous! B)

cheer, michelle

Adhi Wahyudi said...

pretty and cute
Happy birthday! Wuatb


Indah Nainggolan said...

Happy belated Birthday, Ellen! Stay fab! :))


Anisacrament said...

Happy belated birthday beautiful! all the best for your future career and study :))


Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

happy birthday



Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

happy birthday



Eka Patriargadani said...

we have to enjoy the hard time too! :)
happy 20 y.o dear :)
fashion makes you looks better and people would look at you different than before :)
but there are people who see it on different too. if you know what I mean :')

well, just followed you, would you mind to follow me back? :)

Eka Patriargadani
Fresh Cappuccino

Putri Valentina said...

Happy birthday dear, wish u all the best. Btw that place look so cool!


iylmagination said...

Happy birthday :D

yes don't give a shit to those people that mock you

Joyi Larasari said...

Hi I love your style and every Photoshoot looks fabulous and cool at the same time! I hope you would checkout my blog and comment or something during your free time. By the way if I may ask, what did you use to edit your pictures and your first picture in this post? I hope for your reply :)