New Year and 2014 memories

I know it's really late to say Happy New year to everyone, but hey! It better late then never so "Happy New Year everyone!" Since my mom said I need break from my work, so here I am typing from my phone,and back to virtual world! Talking about 2014 memories, 2014 have been really good to me, I graduate from my design school, yes still struggle with EGENCY second collection <and it's surprised me because the preparation is longer than the first one, like it's been 5 month since I launch my first collection>, I colored my hair blonde, then grey, white , back to the blonde, tried to color it again grey but failed it was turn blue-ish and back to the grey and finally turn to brown in 2015. {will attach some photos bellow}  become an entrepreneur at age 20, my other business doing well more than I expect  and in the preparation for Jakarta Fashion Week! Can't wait to see wait's going to happen in 2015!

All the photos was taken from my Instagram {@elen_ang}

If you are talking about what's my resolution in 2015, well I might say, I don't have one. I just want to do everything that I think it's the best for me, because it's looks like, like I always make one or two resolution every year, but I don't really do it, and everything is doing really well even without it, and I can't be more grateful than this. But yes, If you want to reach your dream/ success , what you can do are dream big, and work your assess off until you get what you want, and don't afraid to fail be afraid not to try, because why not? because failure is another stepping stone to greatness. I'm not saying that I'm a success person *but amen to that,lol* but at least I trying to be one, and I'm not afraid being fail, before I'm working as fashion designer, I mean like having workshop,tailor, and customers , I'm too have been failed for so many times, so many fabric have been waist, my money, time, etc.<and still until now, because I never stop studying> but who know's that my positive mind make me the way I am today. I might be not the smarter or clever person in my high school, or the pretties, but who care about that. As long as the goal is there, there is no limit to anyone's achievement. Okay, I'll stop this boring conversation since I'm sure you find it boring. *teehee

Anyway, last week I went to Mall with my friends,  because there's new movie called parasite pt 1. I don't know if you like or follow the anime called parasite, but you who like it must definitely watch it! My friend said it was pretty awesome and she cannot wait for pt 2. *most of the time i closed my eyes since i didn't like the blood scene. But the graphics effect was pretty awesome! So since Jakarta, my hometown have been raining lately, and it has been cold here, i was thinking to wear my sweater and jeans. 

Stradivarius 's Sweater// Un-branded Ripped Jeans//Coach Bag // Staccato Shoes

I put the link above ^ , so if you want similar sweater or shoes, you can find it in the link above or go straight to www.stradivarius.com , www.staccato.com or you can check it in the Mall near your house. It's sale season everyone! You better hurry than late, because "Nothing haunt us, then the stuff we didn't buy" *laugh Got the beautiful sweater on sale, Since it's oversize and it's sweater, I just grab it when I saw it at the first time, and tried it, and it's looks good on me , and make the girl next to me want it when I tried it, sorry girl it's not your lucky day! *laugh In other hand got this beautiful shoes from Staccato, it was on sale an 30% off, it's cost me around $70 after discount maybe(?) I'm not really sure, but hey! it's comfy and looks good who didn't want to buy it?  So what do you think about my looks? Comment on Comment box bellow because I wanna know what do you think? and if you want to follow my Instagram, my Instagram is @elen_ang , Instagram is @ellen_ang , and don't forget to follow this blog *here Have a nice day everyone! <3


MichelleSanjaya said...

Your new hair color looks great elen! :D

cheer, michelle

Chelovanka Graciella said...

so pretty and so yay for that hair!