Hello December

December always be my favorite month of the year, it's simply give me a happy atmosphere. But too bad there isn't snow in Indonesia, since we aren't a four season country so well......... (I'm quite sad *sobsob) . But it's okay because Christmas is coming!!! Well, It has been a while since my last outfit post, no? I have been busy with my current project and course. Since the project still in progress so i couldn't share it to you now, but I would really like to share it in the near future.  #amen I really glad because still manage to update my blog and took some photos. So this is what i wore last week when I went to my friend house.

So what I'm wearing? I'm wearing t-shirt from random online shop.The t-shirt used to be very long , and i don't like it. Since the t-shirt didn't look really good on me. So i decided to cut the hand part and make it into a crop top (well it's sometimes happen, isn't it? when stuff just don't look really good on you), and pair it with my new skirt that i got from cloth-inc. I thought it's too plain so I add some accessories that i got from from forever 21. I really like this crystal pendulum, from the first time i saw it . So tell me what are you doing on Christmas ?

Anyway,you can follow my instagram @elen_ang if you like or ask me anything on twitter @ellen_ang. So see you on my next post guys!


Mr K. Fashion said...

So good! ; )

Danny Suyandi said...

it's been a long time, Elen!
you look gorgeous :D


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I love your parka! xx


MichelleSanjaya said...

elen looks so pretty :')
love the words on your tee so much :D

cheer, michelle