Gift wrapping Idea with Kidecals

2 days till Christmas everyoneeee! So who is excited? Me? Of course I'm excited, who doesn't excited on Christmas ? Exchange present with friends and you beloved one, have a Christmas party, meet your relative, etc. Here I am sharing with you some gift or present wrapping idea, since Kidecals sent me some lovely personalized label. What is Kidecals?

Kidecals is  a company that specializes in labels.(you can check their website*hereThey offers personalized , waterproof name labels and decals. Yes, everybody it's waterproof, That’s a huge bonus right there! I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve ended up washing labels and stickers on my bottles or candy jar because I'm too lazy to remove the sticker before I wash them. Have anybody have the same experience?

Anyway I just finished wrapping some present for my beloved one, I really love a nice or lovely packaging so I decided to make some nice packaging for my friends use kidecals personalized label. And here the product that i got .

I really love their design and quality of the product is so good <3 

and this is what I got for my friend. I made them my my self, I hope you will love it. #amen So let's get started , I am using some ribbon, scissors , kidecals label , scotch tape, and brown wrapping paper. I want to give them some vintage touch so I decide to use brown wrapping paper, because using Christmas theme wrapping paper is too mainstream, no? What you have to do is wrap those present with brown wrapping paper and use some ribbon to make it cute, don't forget to use kidecals label. Since we want to make it special, and have a nice look. And if you want to give some homemade cookies or macaron you can use kidecals label on your cookies jar to make it perfect. 

 And here some bonus picture ;p



Agnes Koriston said...

a very cute wrapping!! those labels are so useful, wondering to have one :p
anw, cute selca you have there. Merry Christmas Elen!!<3


Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

really cute wrapping! you look pretty len happy late christmasss!

Anita said...

lovely blog :)