INFARE (part2)

So I'm having bazzar right now with other blogger at Fx Sudirman , Jakarta. So , come meet us and don't forget to buy our stuff. There's a lot of preloved and new stuff at our booth, you can get many good stuff and Our booth with a good price. There will be Gabriella Olivia, Aiiness , Catherine soephadi ,( GreedySassy & look I'm not a flucke choker at Lizelisabeth 's booth)  and many more only at Infare, So what are you waiting for come and join us! Don't forget to follow their Instagram @infare_ <3 ps: Today (march, 2nd 2014)  is our last day :p

Anyway this was what I wear on 3rd day at Infare, I didn't have a lot of time ( probably because I was too lazy or I have something to do at the other day so yeah *sigh* ) I'm wearing short btw, with the same pattren with the top, and my friend's furry hat. You can get it at H&M if I'm not wrong. Thanks for those who took photos with me and bought my stuff, me woof you <3 and See ya at my booth today <3 ps: I'll share with you what I got from Infare after the event end , so stay tuned <3


Joyi Larasari said...

Hello I was there and I featured you at infare on my blog, it was a shame i couldn't take a picture with you! I hope you check it out and your shop stall is so cute!


Vania Aprilia said...

so sad that i couldn't come to the event but went online shopping with you instead! :D looking so cute in the outfit len!

Pudding Monster

Lizelisabeth said...
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Lizelisabeth said...

Eleeennnnn!! was REALLY nice to meet you!! Such an amazing person with amazing personality!! really.

Followed your already la... haha :*

hug and kiss kiss

Joyi Larasari said...

Helloo would you mind following each other :) LOVE YOUR BLOG <3


Bellamoreway said...

lenn huhu duhh pgn bgt borong baju bajunyaa trs ketemuu >< aku balik april kayaknya hikss msh lama bgt /sigh/

anyway love your outfit! waiting for more pics in the infare!!hihi


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Nice outfit. Love the matching top and shorts xx


Shamu Boo said...

Looks like a wonderful event and you look so gorgeous. Great outfit and your legs are so amazing. Such a beauty!